Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sam seems to be healed.  The doctor took out the feeding tube today and as soon as we got home Sam went straight for the food.  His hole where the tube is, is a little red and started bleeding but It should heal on its own soon.  I am so grateful to all the people at Mission Pet Hospital for all the help with saving Sam, especially our main vet Dr. David Gordon.  It was quite a chore for David's Bank account and my stress levels, but we did it.  He is o.k now!  Thanks again to everyone who read the blog and has commented and sent healing thoughts and energy to our sweetheart.  I will continue to post pictures of Sam and Sylvester periodically, as they are super cute!


mona said...

How wonderful! That is the best news. So happy for all of you! Best wishes always!

I will definitely check back for photos of Sam and Sylvester.

Pretty Pirate said...

mona, thanks for reading and being so sweet and encouraging!

Tamagosan said...

We want pics of Sam dining on fresh shrimp and caviar, then running around like a krazy kat!
I'm so happy that Sam is back to normal. Scary stuff.