Sunday, September 14, 2008

One step forward, one step back

We got new antibiotics on Saturday, they are to be given once a day.  Dr. Gordon Says that they were less likely to make Sam nauseous.  I gave Sam the meds last night before bed.  I went to feed him at 8 am,  he threw up, just a little bit.  I then waited until noon to try again and just gave him a little bit of food to see what happens.  I hope it was just temporary.  Today is also the first day that we haven't given him a shot for nausea in the morning.  There are just so many factors to consider with his treatment.  

In great news he was up and scratching stuff, liking himself and generally being more active.  It was great to see him up and around. Dr. Gordon also said that he didn't lose any more weight which is really good news.  I believe everything we are doing is helping, slowly.  

I tried to give him some regular canned food today, to see what he would do.  He sniffed it a bit then walked away, but after he walked away he was looking over at it a few times.   Then comes Sylvester to eat it all up.  He sure is eating a lot.  We were told to always leave food out for Sam in case he decides to eat, however Sylvester keeps eating it all. 


Tamagosan said...

I'm so glad you see those improvements, however slow they may be. Solid food is a big jump (this from someone that just had salmonella!)so that will be ever-so-slow I bet but such great news about the scratching and energy levels!

Brandy Wiggins said...

Oh my god Joceylene!I had no idea how bad things are with your kitty. I would be absolutely devastated if it was my cat. I am so sorry. I am sending Sam healthy vibes for you guys. xoxoxox