Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Pictures and raw food

These are all photos I have taken with my phone and adding to facebook via mobile uploads. I have a problem with taking only pictures of the cats. I can't help it, they do cute stuff all the time. Now that Sam is healed he has gained all his weight back, too much weight, we are starting the transition to feeding them only raw food. We already feed them really good dry food, but I know raw is the best and I want them to be really healthy, after dealing with the Hepatic Lipidosis (see beginning of the blog). I don't want anything else to go wrong, especially diabetes. I have been giving them 1/2 of their normal dry food (wellness weight control) and 1/2 a can of wet food (wellness) mixed with 2 medallions of the frozen raw food (thawed). They won't eat the raw food by it's self yet. I talked to a friend earlier who's cat has been eating mostly raw forever and she mentioned adding some warm water to the raw food, which helped. Sam actually ate some of it with out the wet food mixed in, but not much. I added the wet food again and then they both went for it no problem. This transition is a little stressful after dealing with the liver disease, I keep worrying the aren't eating enough. I think it will all work out, I'm just over sensitive from dealing with the liver disease.

I love the paw bouquet in this picture.
Handsome boy in his new favorite spot on the new couch!
They must be warm, usually if they are laying in the same spot they are cuddling.
Really relaxed, I love the curled back paws :)
Thats more like it!

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AK said...

Omg, your cats are SO precious!