Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bad day!

I just tried to feed sam for the second time today.  He puked it up immediately.  He has puked twice now today.  I am wondering if the surgery from yesterday made him not feel good, the anesthesia and such.  It's so hard worrying about this cat all the time.  I just want him to eat on his own and feel better and be his self again. 


Tamagosan said...

Ugh. I know that those mini-defeats bring us as low as the mini-victories bring us high... Hang in there, Joce! Make sure to do something for yourself, as Sam should be able to pick up on that healing vibe, too. Love to the little bugger. And big scary canine licks from Igueldo, who almost broke my heart the time he was sick.

mona said...

Lots of prayers for Sam! I hope he will improve asap.