Monday, September 22, 2008


Today we took Sam in and now he is in surgery again.  He had a abscess and the vet, who is not our vet said she wanted to pull the tube out.   This is not a good idea, and we told her we didn't agree with that.  If we pull the tube he will have no way of eating, and he won't eat on his own yet.  She was saying all this stuff about him having internal problems because he is a pukey cat and things that she doesn't know about the whole ordeal.  Then talking about how he needs steroids, which our vet had never mentioned.  The abscess was not at the tube site and was contained inside of its self.  This makes me think that if they remove it the tube will still be ok, because the tube site has cleared up a lot since we started the antibiotics

She is going to lance the abscess and then wait 24 hours to decide about pulling the tube.  I really want to talk to our vet to see what he says because he knows all the history and seems to get what is going on better. 

David is also running out of money.  This has been a extremely expensive ordeal and we have no idea how much longer this will last.  I am so worried about Sam.  I have been working so hard to save him and I hope this new problem can be resolved with out removing the only thing that has kept him alive, the feeding tube. 

Please keep sending him healing thoughts and hopefully it will keep working.

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Tamagosan said...

Yikes. Poor kitty and poor humans... This is a tough part of this whole ordeal to pass through... (Is your regular vet returning soon?)