Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So confusing!

There is so much going on with Sam.  He had that infection (abscess) that was removed/drained on monday, that infection was extremely bad bacteria that can be immune to antibiotics and can also mutate.   The vet also now thinks that something else might be going on.  As in why he stopped eating in the first place, Inflammatory bowel or some sort of intestinal disease.  If the infection comes back we have to pull the tube.  The vet says that Sam should start eating because his liver is basically healed now, good new for sure.   The only problem is that he still won't eat on his own and I tried to put some milk in front of him earlier and just smelling it made him puke.  I am so glad to know that his liver is better, now we just need the sammer to start eating on his own.  I am hoping he will do this really soon!  It's so sad to think of all he has been through and how he must have been feeling.   I hope he recovers soon and eats some snacks!

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Tamagosan said...

I see a long future of tasty snackins for Sam!