Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some good things!

I have been trying to doing some special things for sam, to make him as comfortable as can be.  After wanting to make a cat bed for years I finally did for my Sam.  It's really big, so both kitties can fit on it.  I used some vintage polyester and made edges for it and everything. Sam has been hiding under the bed all the time so I put it under there so he would be as comfy as possible.  When I woke up this morning both kitties were on it together, mission accomplished!

The new bandages are mulit colored!


AK said...

I hope your cat gets better soon! I loooove kitties, and he looks so sweet. The picture of the two cats snuggling is the best. You should put it on! (I'm totally addicted to that site). :)

Pretty Pirate said...

I tried to put so many cute photos up on that site and they hate me. They will never choose any of them. Then I started hating them, but I still heart the kittys! Hope you are doing well in SEA!

Tamagosan said...

Leave it to you to design a stylish item is such a stressful time! And they seem to love it!