Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vet 2

I got the update on Sam's condition, his tests were mixed.  On one hand the test that shows if he is improving overall was worse.  But another test that was strictly for his liver was better.  So we still need to keep feeding, feeding, feeding because that is what is most important to fixing his poor liver.  He had one throw up today after a good hefty feeding, which might have been caused by the antibiotics.  They can cause nausea, which is already a problem.
Here is a list of all the things we are doing now.....

6am-nausea shot and milk thistle pill

7am- First feeding+Lcarnatine (feeding is 40-60ml of food mixed with water, with 10ml of water before and after)


11am-Second feeding

3pm-Third feeding and milk thistle pill

7pm-Forth feeding and Lcarnatine


12am-Fifth feeding


Tamagosan said...

Tough, tough schedule. It will all pay off!

Rols574 said...

How much milk thistle were you giving a day?

Rols574 said...

And also, those 5 feedings translate to how many cans a day? Ere you giving the Hill's special diet food? L/d?