Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We went to have a check up today and although we thought sam was seeming better, he now has a infection in the tube site so now we have to give antibiotics 2X a day.   He also has lost weight.  I am starting him on a higher quantity of food today so hopefully he will gain some weight over the next couple days.  We find out more about the infection as well as his liver tests later today.  More updates to come.  

I am so stressed out, dealing with this situation is so hard.  I was so happy that he seemed to be feeling better and now we get some new of a set back.  The Dr. said that if the infection doesn't go away we will have to pull the tube out and replace it with another one that goes through his nose.  This one would be even smaller and he would be strictly on liquid food.  I'm hoping so much that he will respond to the antibiotics and the tube sight will heal.   Please keep sending your healing energy to our sweet Sam. 

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Tamagosan said...

Here's my healing energy for Sam! Antibiotics are wonderful things, and it sounds like you and the vet are on top of every development so you can nip any obstacle in the bud. Good luck with the tests and new food. He so loves you for everything that you are doing.