Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today was a good day!

Sam has had a really good day so far,  he has already eaten 4 times with one more to come in a couple hours, no throwing it back up either.  He seems to have a little more energy, as in trotting away when we are done feeding him, instead of slowly walking away.  I saw him rubbing his cheeks on the door too.  These are all good signs.  Tomorrow morning we go back to the vet to get some tests to see how he is doing and to change his bandages.   More updates tomorrow on the little guy!


willow said...

I love you Sammers! And you too Joce & David.

Tamagosan said...

Good day! Good day! You might sing the Ice Cube song "Today Was A Good Day" to Sam so he can just mock you in his kitty way-- something that will surely perk him up even more!