Friday, September 12, 2008

Where everybody knows your name

The vet is becoming a very familiar place for us. We were back again today, which means we have been there everyday this week, sometimes twice. Today the concern was the antibiotics and the infection at the entry site of the tube. The antibiotics were making Sam puke and that is not good. He needs the food to heal the liver and that is what is most important. So instead of the antibiotics that we have we now are getting him a shot everyday to help with the infection. He also had his bandage changed again and the wound cleaned out really well. He seems to be in better spirits, but still not feeling well.

After the vet, we went to rainbow grocery and got him some tinctures to replace that terrible clogging pill. We got milk thistle which is really good for the liver as well as Sam-e which has other liver benefits. I hope adding these two things will help him heal. He has been keeping the food down until we give him the antibiotics which make him sick. I have upped his food from 40mls to 60ml and he seems to be o.k with it. We are trying our best to get the little guy's sweet, loving, fun energy back. Today was the first time in a while he was meowing at us in the car. It was sweet to hear his little peep of a meow again. He has the sweetest meow, luckily not at all like the crazy Siamese we saw in the vet. MEEEEEOWWWWWWWZZZZZZ. My mom's old cat had a crazy meow like that too.

Speaking of my mom, its her birthday! Happy birthday mom!!!

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Tamagosan said...

Here's hoping the natural remedies speed up his recovery...